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omega-elevatorsمصاعد-اوميجا (42)
  • Down payment system.

  • The longest repayment period up to a year.

  • Longest warranty period up to five years.

  • Free maintenance for one year after installation.

  • A trained team covering the whole country.

  • Supplying, installing and maintaining different types of elevators.

  • Elevators equipped with all means of safety.

  • Importing all types of elevators from different countries including Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey.

  • Engineering consultancy.

  • We work in Spanish Schindler elevators

  • Italian Omega

  • Italian Secor

  • German Tsen brand

  • Italian montanari

  • Italian Marazia

  • Turkish elevator packages

  • Patient and hospital elevators

  • Hotel elevators

  • University elevators

  • Bank elevators

  • Completely imported assembly elevators

  • Elevator engineering services and consultations

  • Providing consultants to receive all types of elevators

  • Elevators in installments through banks

  • Ready-made elevator and stage spare parts

  • Providing pre-fabricated elevators for all international brands

  • Girlless Elevators

  • Roomless Elevators

  • Hydraulic elevators

  • Red Less Elevators

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